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5 Reasons to Embrace Online Video Marketing

5 Reasons to Embrace Online Video Marketing

If the recent social media shake-ups haven’t convinced you to contact a video agency yet, here are five more reasons.

#1 Moving Images are More Engaging Than Text

Did you know that we can process visual information 60,000x faster than text? Furthermore, 90% of information that enters the brain is practically non-verbal. Our basic biology inclines us to seek out visual content, as opposed to large blocks of text. This innate trend translates into marketing results as well. If you simply include the word “video” in in the subject line of an email, it’s been shown to increase open rates by 13%. Furthermore, web visitors are 5x more likely to click on a post if it includes a video.

The Internet is increasingly saturated with masses of text and images. A unique and catchy video can cut through the deluge and bring your product or service to the attention of more viewers.

#2 Video Content Helps Form an Emotional Connection

The Harvard Business Review conducted a study of emotionally satisfied consumers and discovered that, although the fully connected consumers constituted just 22% of the sample, they accounted for 37% of revenue.

There is clearly value in forming a deep and personal relationship with consumers. Look at Dove’s widely popular “Campaign for Real Beauty” videos. Despite its simplistic staging, the videos’ theme of self-confidence echoed with women across the globe, creating cultural waves. Even years later, many remember the initial videos and their message.

While your video may not achieve peak Internet popularity, a well-crafted video can pull the heartstrings of the right type of consumers needed to boost your business.

#3 No Need to Invest Heavily in Video Production

Once, fancy visual effects and soaring camera shots were the exclusive domain of huge movie studios with big bucks. Now, drones allow video production agencies to capture breathtaking skyline shots or unique overhead views with little investment. Meanwhile, technology like the DJI Osmo simulates the stability of a dolly system, encapsulated in a handheld device.

These technological advances mean that the capabilities of video production agencies have grown, and a dazzling video could be within your budget restrictions. Shop around the video production market to discover which company offers the best features for the lowest price.

#4 Video Can Boost Conversion Rates

Maybe you already have the eyeballs, but need more of those viewers to make the final plunge. Well, good news – online video marketing increases conversion rates too, turning your audience into revenue. Visitors to a site are more likely to stay for an average of two minutes longer if it includes a video. Furthermore, those visitors are then 64% more likely to purchase a product. Online video draws customers in and can provide an exceedingly persuasive argument for your product.

#5 It’s All in the Numbers

Aren’t convinced yet? These statistics show that the future of the Internet lies in video, no matter what business you are – so you better be prepared.

  • YouTube reaches more US 18-49 year olds than any cable network in the US.

  • Top five most popular celebrities among US teenagers were YouTube star

  • 73% of marketers confirm video has positively impacted marketing results

  • 52% of marketers cite video content provides best ROI

So, when are you going to create your newest online video?

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