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Marketing Video Ideas!

Here are some suggestions for successful corporate marketing video content!

1 Landing page or introduction video. This video is a must! It should be short and quick, inform and attract. In :30 or less, briefly describe your products and services. The purpose of an introduction video is to gain attention and create interest and curiosity for more information.

2 Company mission or profile video. Explain your corporate mission, driving forces and why you are the best solution to solve your potential clients’ problem

3 Detailed product video. Simple, explain the usage, benefits, assembly, process, etc of your products and services

4 Invitation video. A Video invitation to an event, location or happening, whether it be a onetime event or an open invitation to your office or showroom can be an engaging way to get people involved and active in your campaign

5 Thank you video. Thank a customer for their recent purchase, educate them where to get help if needed, suggest upgrades, additions and future purchases! Youre welcome!

6 Answer client questions. You know your clients. What questions do they ask before completing a purchase? Answer these questions in a video for 24/7 labor free results!

Hi Im Steve with South Florida Video Productions, let me know how I can help create a video marketing campaign to help sell your products and services!

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