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Marketing Video Length

How long should marketing videos be? The quick answer is 5 to 90 seconds or even longer, depending on what you NEED to say and what is the INTENTION for the video.

Are you looking to attract attention to your brand? A 5 to 30 second video may do that, but will it motivate a purchase?

Longer videos provide the details consumers need to feel confident.

Explainer, training and how-to videos may last as long as it’s necessary to properly demonstrate or explain.

However, consider splitting longer videos into separate topics. Separate videos will avoid the frustration of viewers either scrubbing through your video trying to find exactly what they want, OR leaving your video entirely. Keep in mind, all the viewer is interested in is “what can you do for me?“ so as long as you continue to provide value, the viewer will continue to watch.

I’m Steve with South Florida video productions. Lets talk about how different video lengths may vary depending on YOUR marketing video needs.

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