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3 Videos Every Business Needs on Its Website

"We need web video!"

It's a statement I hear all the time. New clients call and say they're redoing their website and their web developer or SEO specialist told them they really need to add video to their website. While this may definitely be a smart move, not every client knows exactly what he or she wants in the video.

Sometimes these new clients have too many ideas and want to fit everything and the kitchen sink into a 60-second spot. Others have no idea what they want, and just need someone to lead them in the right direction.

After years of working on projects that span nearly every industry, I've identified three videos that should be the go-tos for any businesses just wading into the world of video.

1. A short, highly produced marketing video

This branded video should be prominently featured on your website's homepage and should be a true advertisement for your business. Using voiceover, it should clearly and concisely explain what your company does, why your product or service is special or unique and what differentiates you from the competition. The length should be brief, perhaps 45 or 60 seconds and should incorporate music and graphic elements that compliment your existing branding, whether that be fun and exciting with upbeat music or a more serious, reflective tone. Think of it as a broadcast commercial without the rigid 30-second length restrictions.

2. An "About Us" video

People do business with people they know, like and trust. When someone clicks on the "About Us" or "Contact Us" page on your site, what better way to introduce customers to your team than with a video that shows them in action? Forgo any professional narration and let your team tell their stories. Get them talking about why they're passionate about their jobs, or better yet, get them talking about each other. You'll find that your individual team members may be shy about bragging about their own accomplishments but are more than willing to dish on each others'. In the end, you'll portray your team as a unified, highly functional family and who wouldn't want to hire that kind of group?

3. Video testimonials

Video testimonials give a new meaning to the phrase "word of mouth." Text testimonials inherently leave room for doubt: How does the reader know that this testimonial is real? Seeing and hearing someone speak highly of a company instantly builds trust and goodwill. Make sure your former clients keep their statements brief and have them focus more on the results you delivered than the problem they came to you to solve. If you're in a service-related industry where trust and competency is paramount, like a staffing firm, video testimonials should go right on your home page. Otherwise, use them to spice up other pages like "Solutions" or "Services".

There are endless ways to promote your business using video, but these three ideas work universally. If you're new to the video production process start with these concepts, and over time you'll get inspired with more ideas that are entirely unique to your business.


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